Saturday, October 30, 2010


 They made it! Safe and sound.

 There was only a short delay at the airport; 50 minutes where were were able to run out of the airport (thus renewing our 30 minutes of free parking) to buy Luxembourgian gas at a whopping 20 cents less per liter than in France (that's the rough equivalent of 80 cents less per gallon.

 And even after all that travel they were still up for the scenic route home which gave us a fabulous view of the Moselle river valley (and wine region).

We stopped at our favorite grocery store and picked up the essentials (beef, mushrooms, peal onions and wine) for a great pot of boeuf bourguignon.

Mmm...well worth the 3+ hours it took to cook.

Today we hung around for a bit making plans and reservations then headed to to the thrift store for costumes for Kimber's 2nd birthday party/costume party. Dad and I went as Steelers player while mom went as a fan and Michael managed to find the makings of an Italian soccer player's costume. As you can see though, the food was great at the party; the most complete American spread I've seen since being here including: cheese dip, mexican layer dip, spinach dip and dirt 'n worms cupcakes!

We spent a great time eating, playing Halloween pictionary and playing with kids galore. Were any of you aware that my Dad is a child magnet?

After the party we headed into town for a quick walking tour before our delicious dinner reservations.


  1. so nice to read the update and see you all. have a great time. your dad a child magnet???? children have always loved jack..that is why he is so good at what he are the thrift shops over there sue..books?????

  2. I have always loved your Dad and still do! He was like a second Dad to me growing up. Love your parents! I am so glad they are there and you all can enjoy two weeks together! What a wonderful experience for everyone!!! :)


  3. so glad they made it! cheers! yes, we know that jack-of-all ages effect! he has some MAJOR fans up in the North Country :). I just learned to do Beef Bourg. (slowly, slowly i am attempting to learn your ways lauren!) - so we kinda ate with you guys this week (kinda), minus the wine country and stuff :).

  4. So glad the trip went well and that you are all enjoying your time together! Have fun!

  5. awesome pumpkin! Looks like a great week. ps I know G.J. is a pied piper with kids - Zoey talks about her Grandpa Jack regularly!