Monday, October 4, 2010

la Nuit Blanche

or "the White Night" is an annual night time festival held in Metz as a celebration of the arts. Of course, larger cities all across Europe celebrate this as well, sometimes with expositions lasting all the way through the night but a combination of a sleepy town (with gallery closing times around 1) and some yucky rain sent most people scurrying home early. Most of the art (this year at least) was modern or conceptual but all very interesting and inventive.

Most of all, we just enjoyed seeing our beautiful town lit with beautiful lights and filled with art-loving people.

temple neuf (one of the few protestant churches) all lit up

du pavot à la rose -- poppy rose installation

each boat was filled with rose petals

in the "bubble island" section they had large, colorful balloons everwhere

looking up in abbaye saint-vincent

Michael managed to get a video clip of a modern music concert that we stumbled into taking place in the previously pictured abbaye saint-vincent. the video features me staring at the incredible vaulted ceiling like a goof along with our friends Anna and Seth and a bit of music just to give you an idea of what an experience it is to hear a modern music concert in a 1000 year old church. sorry about the thumping, by the way, i have no idea what it is.

mermaid tails hanging from trees

temple neuf and cathédral saint-étienne

temple neuf in the rain

oh, and Michael finished my haircut earlier that day. i'm fairly certain tracy (my hairdresser back home) will say: "what the hell did you do??" but he cut it exactly how i instructed even if he was uneasy, and i love it; that's all that counts, right?


  1. Awesome picture! And I love your haircut too- you should feather it up ala Farrah.

  2. I like the hair! I'm quite impressed that Michael did it, actually. I've tried to cut my own bangs, and it's usually somewhat disastrous. :p

  3. Thanks girls! The haircut was an experience. I've done my bangs many times (although never this heavy) but the layering in the hair was new to us both. I will try to feather it Lili and honestly, I normally just leave it curly rather than straightened and I am really loving how the layers work with they curly look!

  4. Good job Michael. Lauren, I am surprised that you did layers after you worked to grow it out. Katie asked me about taking night shots (she doesn't have a tripod yet). You seem to do pretty well so if you have any suggestions send them to her. Love M