Sunday, October 10, 2010


There's just time for a quick update before bed and the beginning of a new week. 

There's not too much to report...mainly just some of the usual food porn. Sorry as always for the horrible light. Have I mentioned anything lately about the relief I will feel when I am once again in a normal kitchen with windows and a full-sized oven? I have been dreaming lately of a full-sized oven. It's sad.

Pork tenderloin = Amazing, the second best I've ever had (the first being at Chef Mavro in Honolulu the day after our wedding, my friend Mark made that tenderloin) -- just use a meat thermometer and you'll be golden...and satisfied
This lovely piece of pork was turned into this pork ragu and Oh My was it good! We ignored the bit about broken lasagna and made fresh pasta but really, what else do we have to do on a Sunday. My only suggestion is to not leave the pork in the salt for more than an hour or two.

We came across some funky colored carrots at Grand Frais, white, the normal orange, and yellow on the right.

And we found these purple babies to go along with some spiced quail and lentils that we served for Anna and Seth a few nights ago.

We all had a great time together, laughing, psychoanalyzing one another and experimenting with our wide array of liquor. That's Seth with Michael finishing off the little bit of absinthe.

Here's the aftermath of the night: 13 dirty glasses later.

One more lambic to finish off our collection of Lindemans lables

And tonight: lotsa sushi. Not the best textured sushi but quite possibly the prettiest. The rice was a bit too wet; we're still trying to figure out how our new (to us -- thanks again Chen) rice cooker works on different rices.


  1. yummy. and if this is what you can do with not a full sized oven?! then the food bloggies better buckle up for the days you really start cookin!

  2. sushi is so fun! we had a sushi-making party at a friend's last weekend... talk about bonding when you have your hands all over everyone's food.

    and i'm jealous of your mini-oven. two hotplates. it's like living in a barbie house.