Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Let's start at the very beginning: Saint-Avold

Or rather, let's start where we left off. And no, we didn't visit a certain melodious and Austrian family's old stomping ground when my parents were here for a visit but for whatever reason, that song has been popping into my head every time I though of writing this blog post.

Sunday: A day to relax

 And a day to visit the Saint-Avold American Military Cemetery. This was the second time for Michael and I but we met the new assistant manager, an American from the Pittsburgh area. He told some new stories and gave us insight on keeping the cemetery free of riff raff. For example: always watch young couples that show no interest in the cemetery but look like they're on a mission. Oh, and no dogs allowed!

On our scenic drive home we  witnessed the majesty of renewable energy

And took pride in American influence on the French

And later that evening, after a dinner that I can't remember (Edit: Michael remembered that we made quiche lorraine and salad that night for dinner), we introduced Mom to the wonders of almost nonexistent counter space whilst preparing our favorite pan bagnat for Monday's road trip.


  1. ..or was that the day's all a blur...

  2. boeuf bourguignon was the night you got in, friday night. saturday was l'epicurian, but i can't remember sunday night for the life of me!

  3. ah hah! Michael remembered, it was quiche lorraine and salad.

  4. excellent, I've been waiting for the recap! Merci! Can't wait to see / hear about the upcoming road trip!

  5. motivation has been hard to come by but i'm so relieved now that i've started. the next installment will be posted today.