Sunday, June 10, 2012

Uncommon Fighting Practices

After a mere two weeks together, Frieda and Pep are having a great time play-fighting. 

A few notes on the video:

1. I am still learning to focus while taking videos on the camera, so please ignore any fuzziness. 
2. Pepin makes the most horrible cat fight noises while they play; I am dreading what we'll wake up to when we allow them both out of our room at night in the future.
3. Pep's best offense: rolling over on his back and using all fours
4. Frieda's best offense: sitting on Pep
5. Perhaps Alaskarella (my dear sister-in-law) should bring her clan to St. Louis if they want to see wild animals?
6. The video was taken in 1080p so you can choose to view it in HD if you'd like.

1 comment:

  1. Cute couple...reminds me of the play-fights Maddie and Gussie used to have. Like your laugh at the end.