Thursday, June 14, 2012

Brick Masons to the Rescue!

 I mentioned in my Monday post that while ripping down the tile walls in the kitchen, we did some unexpected (further) damage to our bay window wall.

While I was busy typing on the computer, the brick masons (Bob & Steve, I highly recommend them!) were here fixing the exterior brick and while they were here, we went ahead and had them fill in the missing clay tiles on the interior of the kitchen.

You can see the where they tuckpointed on the exterior. This picture was taken while the mortar was still wet, so it appears much darker but now that it's had a few days to "cure", the color match it quite close.

 The long vertical joint connecting the side and the front of the bay window was by far the largest crack. At the top of the joint, the wall below the front window had pushed out 1.5" at least.

 (I was dumb and didn't take any before pictures.)

The interior looks much better (and much more solid) than it had:



 And After

No before for this one:

But we're close to slappin' some sheetrock on those walls!


  1. Excellent work by Bob & Steve. I knew the experts were needed of this job. Can't wait to see the next step towards a beautiful, new kitchen.

    1. I agree with you there, and especially when the structural soundless came into question!