Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!

It's hard to believe that Michael and I have been married now for 3 years!
I know everyone says this but the time really has flown by!
And to celebrate, because we can't do anything half-way, because we can't possibly have just bought a house with a fenced in yarn without it being put to use, and because we both love and miss our childhood dogs (all dogs go to heaven, right Mocha and Rascal?), 

we adopted a puppy!
 Blog-readers, meet little (ha, for now!) Miss Frieda.
We adopted her Saturday after scouring the adoption events at about 5 nearby pet superstores.

 She nibbles of course, but really is a sweetie; which was really the main reason we decided on her. Of all the puppies we looked at on that long, long Saturday (have any of you shopped with Michael lately?), she was the sweetest. 

 She and Pepin have already become quite accustomed to the other and Pep is starting to lure her around the house in a play-chase. Unfortunately, Frieda occasionally gets a little nip on Pep but Pep is quick to let her know and they go back to the chase. 

 Frieda is still a young girl, only 8 weeks old and already 11 pounds, which means she'll be a big girl, probably 60-70 pounds when she's finally finished growing. 

 We were told that the mother was a purebred boxer (which is really only noticeable in the brindle colored spots) and their best guess for the father was a Saint Bernard mix. But after spending some time with her we've started to notice that she naturally points quite often and without informing the vet of this little fact yesterday, she pointed out that Frieda bears some resemblance to an English Pointer puppy which we are thinking seems more probable than Saint Bernard. 

 She has some adorable spots below her fur that will sadly disappear when her shaved spot from her spaying surgery grows back.

 Oh, and there was some lobster in the Anniversary deal as well -- my favorite!

 On Sunday, Frieda offered her abilities in dragging around fencing supplies.

 It was a hot day here in St Louis though so she spent most of the say either in the cool shade or in the sunroom.

And Michael's foot has quickly become her favorite pillow during her many daily naps.


  1. So adorable!! I love her already! Can't wait to see her next month....and you and Michael, too, of course!

  2. Agree with Ginny, Frieda's other grandma, that she is adorable. She sure looks right at home with Mocha's blanket. Happy Anniversary to the two of you.

  3. She's sooo cute! Congrats!

  4. Bacon says 'Hi' Frieda!! Can't wait to get them together!


    1. They will be so fun together! I had her with a big dog yesterday and she had the best time, I'm sure she'll love seeing her brother.