Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No Bunnies Allowed

 A few weekends ago (the weekend we got Frieda, in fact) We managed to fill out the rest of the garden with more veggies. We already had many, many tomato plants in the ground both from my dad and our CSA (we didn't get the plants in our share but they were selling them on the side). That planting happened the weekend my parents left but we hadn't had time to do much else. 

In the meantime, the bunnies were having their fill of tomato seedling branches from the bottom so as soon as we filled up the rest of the garden we got straight to work building a solution.

Of course, the whatever fence we put up would have to be removable so I can get in and play in the dirt, so to speak.

After some googling and scheming of our own, here is what we came up with:

Step one (not really pictured): staple wire fencing to the back of the raised beds.

Step two: build 8' long frames from 1x2s

Step three: staple plastic fencing (so much cheaper than the metal and much easier on the hands) to the frame and trim to size

 Step four: cut 1-1/2" PVC pieces to length for the bottom of each wooden frame and attache to the side of the raised bed with pipe strapping and screws (we didn't do this exactly, we used nails but they're under so much strain that they pull out so we need to go back and change them out for screws)

Step five (not pictured): use a chisel to trim down the bottoms of the wooden frames so they easily slide in and out of the PVC

Et Voilà! A raised bed fence that is removable in portions so you can get in to weed and generally tend the garden. 

(Click on the photos for a larger view)

I should note that for the time being (since we ran out of 1x2s) that the right end of the garden just has the metal fencing stapled on but we will be putting up a non-removable framed fence to look a little nicer. It's hard to see but that is what is on the left end. It is an identical frame to the removable ones but simply screwed to the raised bed instead of being held in with the PVC.

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