Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

If I'm being honest, not very well, really.

 I'm having issues getting the watering right and I'm not sure the pH levels in the soil are good. I guess it's all trail and error with our first real garden and I really do need to get the soil tested at least before next year.

 I think we'll also lose a significant number of plants because they were purchased so late in the season and had become root-bound, we'll see though. Despite their stunted growth and some leaf yellowing, many of the pepper plants are producing peppers and I even have a few ripening tomatoes.

Any suggestions from seasoned gardeners is surely welcome!

So, what's in the plot, you ask?

Here we have 12 tomatoes of many varieties along with some basil plants and carrot and radish seedlings popping up. (I'm trying my best to use companion planting theories.)

This section hosts far too many pepper plants (regular bell, purple bell, poblano, jalapeño, cayenne, habenero, and one mystery pepper plant) and onions.

 Eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leeks from seed, and pole beans from seed (they haven't popped up yet, we'll see if we do)

 Celery, purple bush beans from seed (they've popped up), zucchini (we have one normal plant and some spherical french one from seed), yellow squash, cukes (both normal plants and french cornichon from seed), and some lettuce

And corn!

Also, in my gardening book it was suggested that pumpkins and winter squash are so hardy that they can grow and thrive in the compost bin and since we had a pile of leaf compost left over from the garden-building, I though...why not? I planted some French potiron pumpkins and sugar pumpkins back there and so far, one has popped up!

Of course, I didn't note which was which when I planted so for now, they are mystery pumpkins.


  1. I use organic bone meal in all my veggie pots!!! Don't know if that would help you but it was pretty inexpensive (you don't need to use much per square foot of soil)...found it at Home Depot! xo

  2. Thanks Mary, I'll look into bone meal!

  3. the pH meter is on it's way. Hope it sheds some light on the problem. Frankly, I think it's revenge of the bunnies. They're throwing something over the fence to get even.

    1. Thanks, Mom! I'm anxious to see what the meter says. I'm guessing I still need more lime.