Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!
And now, back to business.

Wedding Day Schedule (Times are approximate)

Wake up

Realize there is a problem with the egg whites

After whipping un-whippable (yup, made up that word) egg whites for 45 minutes, send dad on a last-minute egg run to our trusty egg lady down the street
We think he woke her up

Ice the cakes and build up layers

Get my sister out of bed and make sure everyone has showers and is ready to head out in one hour

Leave for Williamsport with iced cake in the back of a VW wagon

Pick up flowers for cake at Bride's (Jess) apartment

(A little late) arrive at wedding and leave cake in car under a shady tree

Wedding starts

Leave ceremony to turn on the A/C in the car so the cake won't melt into a giant buttery puddle

Decorate cake with Michael and Zoey's help in the back of the car

Drive up to the tent and deliver the finished cake


And then, we we able to enjoy and celebrate this beautiful day and wedding. Thanks Ben and Jess!

And in the process we added the last of the girls to this generation of Sisters. From left to right: Chrissy (with niece or nephew #10), Heather (at thriftymomspot), me, Jess (the newbie), Natty, Katie (at Alaskarella) and Rosie

The Cake!
(Great choice on the flowers guys!)

This was too funny not to document; while waiting in line for the buffet, my mom noticed a small speck on the cake. Always the perfectionist, she pulled out the pin from her boutonniere and used it to remove the spot.

Pretty-girl Lucy provided much entertainment (she does a killer version of ring-around-the-rosie)

Ben and Jess cut the cake and very nicely fed it to each other and then I made a huge mess cutting it up for the rest of the reception-goers. Hot an humid days are no friend to Italian Buttercream.

One wedding cake down, 3 to go :-)

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