Friday, June 24, 2011

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner Fun

Boy am I dragging this event out. I hate writing (and making you read) long blog posts though so you'll just have to deal with the wedding cake suspense for a bit longer. Deal.

What I didn't mention in the previous post is that while I was working away on the cake that Friday afternoon, using a good chunk of the kitchen counters in my parents' kitchen, they were working on the salads and side dishes for the rehearsal dinner to feed 70. It was a mess, to say the least but we managed to make it work. Thankfully, my Mom, Dad and I have worked together in kitchens many, many times in the past so we are pretty good at the give and take required (I'll give you this knife if you give me some counter space).

We finished everything up, got threw on some semi-nice clothing and headed out to the wedding venue at a beautiful spot along the Susquehanna river.

While the rehearsal went on, the rest of us occupied ourselves by keeping babies busy.

 And by comparing freckles; little Luke has a long way to go to catch up to his Mommy.

 What a beautiful wedding space!

The rehearsal dinner consisted of pasta salad, veggies and chips with dip and 25 boxes of pizza from what I believe to be the best pizza place on the planet earth, Park Pizza. Please, promise me that if you are ever driving through Williamsport, Pa, you will stop for a pie. You won't be disappointed.

And after dinner, we reminded ourselves how much fun it is to have an underwater camera!

 The little babies loved the rafts!

Little Emma is cute as can be in her frilly purple suit!

 Jolly Giants (is that Alaskarella?) supervised (and photographed) while Aaron and Michael took a swimming break.

Aaron shows off his under-water abilities along with the camera!

 Zoey and I toughed out a marathon of swimming and after we all returned home, the whole family crashed.

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  1. My beautiful Vogler/Marzo Clan. I love you all in all of your stories and fantastic Photography. Keep the info coming my beloved Lauren. Happy everything for everyone.