Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Filling a Request

My Pittsburgh BFF Adrienne made a request in last night's e-mail thread: "More pictures of Pepin!".

And since little Pep is almost a 6 month old kitty (he's been with us nearly 4 months) I thought I'd do a photo post from our first 4 months with this loving and very entertaining little companion.

 First night with his new family

 Hiding out whenever I left the room

 Looking tiny on a big print

 Squished nap

Pretty posing

 One upset kitten after falling in the bathtub

 Get that tail!

 My blogging help

 Monorail kitty

 What cat steals tortilla chips out of the bag?

 Attack blur!

 Terrorizing my plant (this one currently has one leaf and is locked up in the guest bedroom...he doesn't eat them, he just rips them off and leaves them on the floor)

My kitchen hoodie help

 Someone got in the orange paint!

 This cat never sleeps in the same position twice

 The most recent picture of Pep

In four months he's gone from a 2.5 lb. puffball to a 7.5 lb. loveball that plays like it's his job.

He also ocasionally chews and eat things he shouldn't (one hair tie that went through and one shoelace prior) such as this camera wrist strap which led to a trip to the Animal ER last week. Thankfully the X-ray came back clean but he's been sincerely enjoying the Vet prescribed wet cat food for extra fluid -- just in case.

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