Friday, July 8, 2011

Harvest Time

 Cucumbers have gone from this.... this seemingly overnight.

And tomatoes have gone from this..... ripe. 

Sorry, if you know me at all you know my obsession with tomatoes. So far, 4 tomatoes have been harvested but I am too impatient to take a picture before inhaling them right there on the balcony.

We're off today for another fun wedding weekend with family in Ohio. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my beloved Saab (just back from the shop two days ago with a new fuel pump) makes it without a hiccup.


  1. I think it hiccupped...

    At least it didn't choke to death or anything.

  2. Yes Laura, there was some definite hiccuping :-)
    We made it though and that's all that matters.
    You should have seen the celebration when we hit 100 mi from St Louis because then AAA would have had to tow us!