Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Wonderful Wedding

If you are a Facebook friend, you know that this wedding weekend included a bit of a Saab Story (a.k.a. crazy car troubles). I am a bit of a superstitious person though, so until my car is happily back from the shop and not acting up, I won't be posting anything about the saga.

On a happier note: Megan and Mike's wedding was absolutely beautiful and we had a wonderful weekend with the in-laws and Michael's very large Ohio family.

Unfortunately, I suck at taking pictures when I'm having fun. Or I'm just too lazy to dig the camera out from the bottom of Michael's backpack. So a written account will just have to do.

We are very thankful that Michael has the ability to use flex time at work and this past week we used that flex time to make sure we were out of the house by 2 on Friday. After the (perfectly calculated by the GPS) 6.5 hr drive (with a pit-stop at Skyline Chili just before the Ohio border), we arrived in the tiny town of Russia, Ohio (pronounced Roo-shee) at around 10 on Friday night (which included the 1hr lost when we passed back into the Eastern time zone).

Ginny and Laura were there already and Grandma and Grandpa K. were still awake. We had a bit of time to visit before Grandma and Grandpa hit the sack in preparation for the big day they had ahead of them. The rest of us stayed up for a bit visiting, eating snacks and drinking wine (or, if you're me, spilling your wine on the floor) before crashing ourselves.

On Saturday morning, after breakfasts and showers, Laura, Michael and I set off for Columbus to meet up with David and Kathia for a pre-wedding lunch at Donatos (an Ohio chain pizza place that David raves about). After lunch and wine in the hotel room we all got prettied-up and headed downtown for the evening.

The wedding itself was beautiful. Again, I didn't think to pull the camera out of my clutch to take any photos but the inside of the church was a gorgeous blue with ornate white moldings. The ceremony was touching and the Megan and Mike were adorable. And Mike's grandfather did a very comical reading from John, telling the story of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding.

And after the wedding we stood out in the courtyard to take some family photos.

 Good lookin' group, right? Unfortunately, Tom was unable to make it to this wedding because it was the week before the opening of the newest play he's performing in. You can see that we kind of instinctively left a space for him in the photo. 

The reception was of course the most fun. And the only place I thought to take any photos.
 These sweet twins belong to Michael's cousin, who also happenes to be the bride's sister. Which meant that their dad was a bit overwhelmed with the two sweet ones while mom was in the wedding. Of course, Laura, Kathia and I were more than happy to give him a hand with the wee ones.

 Content siblings after a delicious dinner

 Soon-to-be married themselves!

Some of the family with the bride and that little girl in front? That's little Julie (she may get mad at me for the "little" part if she ever reads this, but she is the youngest of 3 in the family), another cousin.

The after party was a good time too. As you can see here, Michael made sure to teach his sister how to tie a necktie. 

Honestly though, we were pretty lame after that. We were all ready for bed by this point.

Sunday was the day that my car decided to throw in the towel so I won't go into it quite yet but you can look forward to a fairly comical string of events.

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