Thursday, September 9, 2010

An update of sorts

Lots of things (and foods) have happened since my last update and I thought I'd share, specifically in our Asian food conquests.

Behold: a horrible picture of General Tso's scallops. This recipe was a total win, if only scallops weren't so darn expensive. This recipe is awesome with shrimp too though.

We've tried dumplings in the past (and you can read about it here, in the middle of a very long and random update) and while they turned out well, they were nothing to get too excited about. But with the help of our friend Chen (and by that I mean, after much prying, I finally got the general recipe out of our friend Chen), we dove in and tried again, this time making our own dough rather than using wonton wrappers.

They were good, they were very good. And they will be made again and again. We didn't measure but next time we will surely measure and share the recipe.

Who here likes phở? *raises hand*
Who here knows what phở is?
For those that don't, you can read about it here
And now that you know all about it, you should know that it is an amazing comfort food, a comfort food that I was craving, big time. After some internet research, we found this recipe. We made it, and we loved it. 

This is a rather bad picture of our condiments to be added to the phở including bean sprouts, lime, mint, cilantro, basil, and hot peppers. Hot peppers that were way too hot, they made my first bowl a mess of heat and fire that hurt to eat. But it was a good hurt because despite the intense, stream-of-sweat inducing spice, the soup still tasted amazingly delicious.

We also experimented with a salt-baked fish. No recipe here, it's pretty much a whole fish, stuffed with herbs and lemon slices, covered in salt, then baked. It was wonderful. I highly recommend this cooking method if you are worried about drying out your fish, and if you're careful, very little salt makes it past the skin to the actual fish.

On Friday, we experimented with a deep-dish pizza recipe for pizza night. While I don't normally have any interested in replicating anything that Emril does, he hit the nail on the head when it came to this monstrosity of a pizza.

It was wonderful, it gave us nearly a full day's serving of veggies

And it made enough for 3 full meals for the two of us.

This baby will receive it's own blog post in the coming days. This is a little something that Michael dreamed up and we made up: red wine beef stew with lentils.

Aside from food, we've been keeping busy

We visited the beautiful Plan d'Eau park in town.

Most of my time has been taken up working on 2 sweet little projects...this is just a sneak peak.

We managed to make our way into the Fête de la Mirabelle despite the horrible weather of 60° and windy with random rain(here is a post explaining the festival and detailing last year's fairer weather version). We hit up the Marché du Terroir (local product market) for some amazing 3-milk tomme cheese and a local wine that were both enjoyed on my Birthday,

this yummy pizza-ish thing and a mini mirabelle tart. On a another note, I love our train station (in the picture above).

On our way home that day we walked by the Centre Pompidou. We must go again, perhaps when my parents visit next month (really, next month already!!).

It seems that just seeing the Centre Pompidou reminded Michael of his budding career as a modern artists, so one day after poppy seed bagels he made me this paper towel and poppy seed piece of art.

In other news: Michael has taken up meditation as a result of my spending all-day Sunday writing 6 blog posts.

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