Monday, September 20, 2010


I've mentioned it in passing before but this past spring I joined a small community choir called Méli-Mélodie in the nearby neighbohood of Montigny-lès-Metz. Once per week I drive to a 2 hour rehersal where I sing and pretend to speak/understand French; it's great fun!

Not long after joining the choir took part in a multi choir collaboration called "du Vent dans les Voix" ("Voices in the Wind"). All totaled there were 9 choirs with close to 200 singers and one orchestra. We performed a Latin mass called Missa Katharina by Jacob de Haan and a Ander Lloyd Webber medley which included all the favorites (Phantom, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dreamcoat).

Of course, this seems like a long ago event to be mentioning but today I was sent this youtube video of what I've gathered to be a news anchor doing interviews (sorry it's all in French) then showing snippits of the concert. I haven't even watched it all myself (tylenol pm is kicking in) but you can pick me out just  to the right of middle (to the right of the men) about half way up the risers. I'm the only young blond. Oh, and for those musicians in the audience, there is a great clarinet bit around 4:00.



  1. this is so cool, lauren!! I miss singing alto 2 with you :) looks like you're having quite the time in france! enjoy!

  2. The choir has really been a great experience...and it's forcing me into speaking French!