Friday, September 17, 2010

I love...

...mushroom season in France.

golden chanterelles, cauliflower mushroom, and black trumpets

We snagged these beauties yesterday at Grand Frais (our favorite produce-centric grocery store here) for something like 2€, sauteed them up and served them alongside lamb steaks and duck fat roasted potatoes. Mmmmm

the lamb steak had rosemary but that's all that was needed for this insanely flavorful plate-o-food

Oh, and I also love place St. Louis at night. Boy am I gonna miss this town!


  1. ..and we love and miss you, but it won't be long before we are there to see (and eat) some of your favorite things. Love M

  2. Hey wonder woman, Don't wish away your time. You have one third of the time you are meant to be in France. A world of fun.

  3. @ mom - we're building up our recipe stash to try out on you, can't wait!
    @ anonymous - don't worry, no wishing time away. in fact, we're panicking because we fear we'll run out of time to eat, drink, and experience everything in the short time we have left!