Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to not feel like a complete loaf:


knit baby bibs for assorted babies

knit a baby blanket for a little girl named Emma

knit a toddler shrug for Kimber

and a toddler sweater for Lucy

and a toddler sweater for Zoey


  1. Lauren, You are like any Vogler I know..You are never, not doing something...

  2. LAUREN!!! I LOVE THEM! (anthropologie has nothing on you)

  3. i love the colors in the bibs. and yay! to the sweaters :D

  4. Sorry I completely stole your sweater modeling pose (with the sleeve folded over). Michael pointed that out to me after I uploaded the photos; I guess I've just looked at so many of your baby sweater pictures that it seemed the best way to get it all in the shot.
    The pattern and yarn were great though Cosy, their cuteness can completely be attributed to you!

    And Katie -- I'm so happy you like them, now to get them to you all the way in AK!

  5. Hey, this is my favorite pose for ebay tops...I think it's genetic. You could never be a loaf, you will always, always make the most of any situation or place you are in. We are lucky parents and tell Michael that he is one lucky guy!

  6. It's not even a matter of making the most of it. I love it hear but just feel a bit useless without a job; knitting is a great solution for that.

  7. Is it your pattern for the bibs? Can you share it with me?

  8. Hi Gretch
    The pattern isn't actually mine, it's from ravelry if you're a member, and it's free! Here's the link:
    I only didn't link to it originally on the blog because I don't think any of my family/friends that read this blog are members. If you aren't a member just email me at and I will see if I can send the pdf.