Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Want Another Peek?

Last week I mentioned that along with actually buying the new house, we will be essentially doing a gut job of the current kitchen and today I'll be giving you a clue as to why:

 This is the kitchen as it is at the moment, and by that I mean that this is the entire kitchen space. And while you may be saying "Hey, those don't look too bad!", be assured in knowing that looks, in this case, are decieving. See that drawer on the upper right side (and the one on the upper left side for that matter?), I tried to pull it out only to realize that there is no longer a track for it to roll on.

 The rest of the room (with that adorable, if poorly adorned bay window) was made as an eat in area, but we would prefer kitchen counter and cabinet space (with some integrated seating perhaps?) over space for a big kitchen table. So, along with some design help, we'll be adding in a lot!

Image Source
And this is our new darling. We were hoping to put in a pro-style stove since I've been very spoiled in my lifetime both from my parents' pro-style and many years of commercial kitchen work. But with the hefty price-tags and similar heat outputs to some slightly upgraded home ranges (e.g. this stove), we figured we wouldn't be able to justify a pro-style.

We hit the jackpot though -- so to speak -- last weekend when we walked into a small, family-owned designer appliance store and came across this baby (minus the backsplash, which I prefer not to have anyway) that was being sold as a floor model for 2/3 the original price. 

On Monday I went back to the store to put down a deposit and they will be holding on to it until we have a nice kitchen space all ready for it to be delivered into and installed. 

Dream (relatively speaking, in a starter home) kitchen, here we come!


  1. Love!!!!!! Can't wait to see what you will be whipping up in there in no time!!! Xo

  2. How exciting- a house and a kitchen renovation! Do keep us updated :)