Monday, April 2, 2012

A Caketastic Week

 Boy oh boy have I been a busy baker lately. At least, in my tiny kitchen I've felt like a busy baker. 

 Cake #1 was a girly baby shower cake for my dear friend Carolyn's book club buddies. 

 And cake #2 was a donation to my favorite new non-profit, Perennial. I was introduced to Jenny at Perennial through my first Saint Louis friend Claire after my love of re-finishing furniture (and that link is just one of many examples) came to light. The match was perfect since the sole goal at the Perennial workshop is to empower and teach people how to take another person's trash (usually in the form of furniture) and transform it (both economically and in an eco-friendly way) into a treasure for their home.

 After being based out of Jenny's apartment basement for many months (even years, I'm not sure on the timeline), Perennial finally found a large, open space in South City Saint Louis out of which to base their operations. I've been doing my little bit to help lately by going in on Wednesday afternoons to work on building out the space, including but not limited to helping to hang that awesome ladder wall. 

 And this past Saturday, Perennial finally had it's celebration to open the space to the public. 

 The German bell ceiling in the retail space (which will be selling already transformed furniture along with supplies so you can DIY) is by far my favorite part of the Work+Shop.

After much anticipation, the main Perennial masterminds (that's Jenny on the left along with her interns Brie and Anna) cut the cake.

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