Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneak Peek!

As I've alluded to in the recent past, we decided this spring to jump into the real estate market. 

I won't lie, it's been an extremely trying and very, very stressful time in our young lives. Almost immediately, we found an amazing house in a truly perfect location and quickly put in offer in. Unfortunately, that house (actually a foreclosure) wasn't meant to be. (And P.S. to the people who offered 20k over the asking price: Woah!)

After that blow to to our confidence, we jumped back out with our agent (who was amazing! STL friends, I'd be happy to give out her info!) and after knocking a few others off of the list, we managed to find another house that we loved. 



It has an adorable 1/2 bath with a hand-washing sink.

(If you follow me on Pinterest, you know how obsessed I am with little hand-washing sinks.)

(Please ignore the awkward staging. And I'm sorry to report that it didn't stop with the bathroom.)

The other great thing about this little half bath is that it is mostly in amazing original condition and aside from a new medicine cabinet and lighting, will be kept intact. It may be one of the least demanding rooms in the house; which will meant lots and lots of doing-it-ourselves posts including an almost immediate total kitchen re-do. 

We close on the house on April 25th (we can hardly wait!) and will start moving/demo soon after.

Get pumped, people!

*And a side note*: I'm looking for a new blog title to replace "Metzing Around". No worries, the archived posts will remain at this site, but it's time store away the french sections of our lives in order to start this new and very exciting time in our lives. Unfortunately, I am coming up blank in the names category (Metzing Around was such a no-brainer!) so if any of you have a fabulous blog name idea, I promise to give you full credit. (Just leave a comment.)

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