Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home Improvement Part 3

Not too much has been done on the home improvement front in the past few weeks. As I mentioned in my last post, we've been busy. We have, however, acquired some apartment additions that have made a world of difference in how our spaces feel. 

 In this picture alone we have two things acquired (or purchased) when Miss Emily made her move to Boston, the floor lamp and the bookshelves. More than anything, I am so happy to have at least a bit more of our books out of storage.

We also acquired the floor lamp in this picture from Emily and the new bed was a great Craigslist find. It was a bit out of the city, maybe a 45 minute drive, but it was well worth it. And after a good rub-down with Howard Restore-A-Finish (which I highly recommend if you have anything with a dull or scratched finish), the bed looks almost like new.

What's Next?

As soon as we get back from our PA trip this weekend, this dresser will be receiving the same red/orange treatment as the wine rack in this blog post.  I also need to find some fun hardware to replace the fake chrome.

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