Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Busy Times

 We had visitors on the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend. Mary and Michael Neumann stopped by on their way across the country. Mary is a great friend of both Michael and I from our school days back in Wellsboro and we had the pleasure of meeting Michael a few years ago before we were all married. Michael Neumann and I tend to have a love/hate relationship though, depending on where we are in the football season (Steelers fans and Ravens fans generally don't mix come playoff time) ;-)

 We had a great time with them though, enjoying a late dinner on Sunday then getting up early on Monday morning to go downtown. We spent some time in the park around the Arch and played in the flooded Mississippi river. This was our first time seeing the Arch up close. 

 It is pretty impressive I have to admit. 

Mary played paparazzi with my dream camera (Nikon D90) while I took pictures with my Android.

After the Arch we walked back into the city through the amazing CityGarden and eventually we ended up eating lunch at the famous St Louis establishment, Blueberry Hill

After the guests left on Memorial day we fired up the grill and made these amazing smoked ribs and a great and refreshing macaroni salad. That night we went to Emily's last Martini Monday (friends that get together every Monday for drinks, a weekly event that was invented by Emily) at an amazing rooftop bar that's not too far from our house. 

 This is Emily. She is sad in this picture because our candle holder in front of her exploded while she and another Emily were over for dinner a few weeks ago. I spent a few days after Memorial day helping her pack up for her move to Boston. She and I became quick friends after we met approximately one month ago. I feel like I've known her for years which makes me very sad that she is gone but also very happy for her that she finally gets to be in a non-long-distance relationship with her boyfriend of three years.

 This is a cowl (raveled here) that I have been knitting in my spare time for the past month or so. It was a lovely (and free!) pattern but it wasn't quite the mindless knitting that I tend to enjoy. The changing pattern every row meant I couldn't space out and watch tv while knitting it. It did turn out well though, and went to Emily before she left. I'm just waiting for a picture of her wearing its so it makes a bit more sense. Unfortunately, since the cowl is made of wool, this might not happen for half a year or so.

 After that the week seemed to fly by and before we knew it Thursday was here along with our first CSA (or farm share, if you prefer)delivery including:
Strawberries (already gone)
Wheat Berries
Iceberg lettuce (1/2 gone)
Free-range eggs (2/3 gone)
Green Garlic (almost gone)
Spring Onions (will be used tonight)
Russian Turnips (will be used tonight)
Red Mustard Greens (one leaf eaten by Pepin)
Romaine Lettuce (mostly gone)
Radishes (1/2 gone)
Broccoli (maybe I'll throw them in tonight too)
We're trying hard to get through everything so the fridge is cleaned out before our next delivery the day before we fly back to PA to finish...

...this cake for my brother Ben and soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding this weekend. We can't wait to celebrate with family and friends and mostly, I can't wait to see all 9 nieces and nephews!


  1. I love you with the burning fire of 1,000 suns and 2,000 shattering candle holders.

  2. Blueberry Hill!
    And I agree--I was expecting to be underwhelmed by the arch, but it really does blow you away. Love the simplicity & the story. I miss you & STL so much!