Friday, November 19, 2010

Back to Metz for some R&R

We arrived home from our visit in the Loire Valley to find that our dear Jack (the Pumpkin King) had developed a mold problem out on our porch. If you look closely you can see it filling in his mouth on the right side. I wasn't even aware that pumpkins had the ability to mold.


We had a scrumptious lunch featuring a tourteau fromagĂ© that we picked up for 2€ on impulse at a supermarket in the Loire the day before. We honestly had no clue what it was but the ingredient list resembled a cheesecake which is pretty much what it turned out to be. We found a good description on a favorite french food blog, Chocolate & Zucchini. If you love French food, this site will make your mouth water...profusely.

And we finally finished our homemade olives that we made somewhere around this time last year. Yay for refrigerator space!

Dad insisted that some of his baguette fetish be passed on to the local bird population. His hope is that they will remember "that nice man" that got them through the winter.

And before making the requisite Friday night pizzas we tortured mom with some goat cheese (it's a long story but the is tormented to this day by the smell of my childhood pygmy goat).

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