Sunday, May 9, 2010

For Our Moms

Writing these past three posts has made me realize what a truly horrible events recorder I am. I take far too many pictures of objects/food/landscapes that won't mean anything to me in 20 years. Well, the food will probably make me salivate but I'll have no idea what it was.

First I went in search of a picture of my grandmother: no luck. Then I started looking for a picture of my grandparents together: nothin'. A picture of Chrissy? Eventually found one but it took forever. A picture of Michael and Ginny?

 This one is the most recent I could find, from Christmas in 2004, just before he graduated from High School. To find a picture of just my mom and me, I had to go back much further into the archives.

She'll probably kill me for posting this (or scold me via skype, killing me probably isn't worth the $1200 plane ticket) but it is honestly the only picture I could find in my files of just the two of us. It's not the most flattering picture of either of us but I am the queen of making excuses (it's a bad habit) so I will tell you that we would have both looked more presentable had we not been staying in a cabin on a 4th grade brownie trip to Knobles. I can't even remember if there were real showers there. Those glasses really were tragic though. I'm glad that style went by the way-side.

Old and unflattering pictures aside (and a new resolve to take more pictures of people rather than objects/food/landscapes) the purpose of this post is not to embarrass but rather to show our gratitude. We both know what wonderful mothers we had growing up and that fact is just as prevalent as we have grown into independent adults. And while we may not have shown our appreciation well during our pre-teen/teenage years (I'm speaking more from my perspecitve here...boys just aren't know for their teenage angst the way girls are) the loving compassion, understanding and advice we were given by our mothers has shaped the adults we've become (and the parents we will one-day-in-the-not-so-near-future strive to become).

Not only are we each grateful for the mothers that we were lucky enough to have but now with marriage, we realize just how lucky we've become in the in-law department. I probably shouldn't admit this but we have a bi-weekly ritual of reading Dear Prudence (the advice/manners columnist for the Washington Post) and let me tell you, there are some monsters parading as M-I-Ls out there. I won't go into detail for fear of creeping into your nightmares tonight but let me just tell you that we lucked out!

Ok, enough of the mushy gushy stuff.

In short, we love you both, are very grateful for everything you've done and will do in our lives, and are resolved to take more pictures of the ones we love.

À bientôt mes amis!

 As a gift to my mom on Mother's day, I have agreed to add in a much more updated picture. It includes Natty but I'll let it slide since it's her mother too.

Sorry I'm too lazy to take out the old picture and re-write the entire post. The damage is already done.


  1. That is truly the most hideous pic of me. Now Ginny's is very nice. I could have found somewhere a better one or even photoshopped us together!

  2. If you can find a more flatter photo of the two of us, feel free to send it and I'll add it in. But no photoshopping us into one picture!