Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend

While Laura and Ginny were celebrating in NYC, watching West Side Story and eating (and riding buses), we spent the entirety of Michael's Birthday weekend here on the Technopole (which is the name of our little section of Metz). That's not to say that we were jealous or complaining; in fact, it was a beautiful weekend to be here in Metz.

Just after waking up on the birth-day, we found this nice sentiment from the Reindl parents on the French-Phrase-a-Day calendar that they gave us for Christmas.

For breakfast, we ate some bagels that I had made a few days ago accompanied by real Philly cream cheese that I had to drive all the way to Luxembourg to find. Yes, cream cheese is that important to me!

And to prove my earlier point about the pristine weekend we enjoyed, here is an example of what our general landscape looks like if you jump in the car to head to the grocery store, which is what we did on Saturday morning.

And as usual, we (read: Michael) spent a long time picking out the perfect bottle of wine to be enjoyed with a Birthday dinner. For those who are interested, we ended up with a 1996 Pomerol which might have been the oldest thing we have ever ingested...maybe.

When we got home, Michael got to work putting together our new tiny grill...

...while I got to work putting together Michael's Birthday cupcakes.

Then we took some goofy pictures on the couch while waiting to get hungry enough to make dinner and when that finally happened..

...we opened our wine...

...and we ate. Oh boy, did we eat! To be clear, we ate grilled steaks (that were still perfectly tender despite being more on the medium side than I like), grilled asparagus, and twice baked potatoes with authentic English Cheddar (not an easy or cheap find in France despite being geographically close).

When we were finally finished with dinner (and watching Up, which is an awesome movie!), Michael opened the best cheap bottle of sparkling wine we have had (€1.03 to be exact, that's roughly $1.30)...

...and blew out his cupcakes.

Continuing our at-home celebration the next morning, we made some non-mimosas with the cheap sparkling wine and some strawberry/raspberry juice that was lying around and brioche french toast.

After breakfast we went on a nice walk in the beautiful weather. We admired the beautiful flowers in front of the main building of our complex;

we watched the swans forage for food with their adorable babies (babies, babies everywhere, seriously!); and we threw around the football over at GTL (not pictured, apparently my season as the only girl on small-fry football did nothing for my actual football throwing abilities).

For dinner that night we had another (heart-burn inducing) favorite: fish and chips. 

For our final day of "vacation" (as if our non-vacation days are very demanding anymore) we walked to a nearby lake to have a picnic with more pan bagnat (this one was better than the last, we made it the night before so it had all night to marinate)...

...and Grandma Baker's apple salad (Michael is indeed wearing shorts in this picture).

And after all of that food, we are looking at a week of almost vegetarian eating in an attempt to counteract all the crap we ate over the weekend. Sorry for the long post, friends, but it was certainly a fun filled week-end for us and I wanted to make sure you got the scoop. Until next time ~

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