Wednesday, May 26, 2010

365 Days

As hard as it is for me to grasp the realization that we have been living here in Metz for almost 10 months, it is almost unfathomable that Michael and I have now been married for one year! It seems like this picture

could have been taken just a couple of months ago when, in fact, it was taken years ago, somewhere during '05-'06 Chrismas break. Rest assured people, he stopped short of actually stabbing me.

This picture was taken of me on our first official date back in August of 2006. Curiously, our first date was a french feast our on Barbour rock complete with a cold haricots verts (green bean) salad, ham and cheese sandwiches (our knowledge of french cuisine has certainly improved in the past 4 years), and Pepperidge Farm Bordeaux cookies (who knew they existed?).

This very unflattering picture was taken later that night in the Subaru. Obviously tired but happy for a first date gone well :-)

And there we are almost three years later, one year ago (technically at 3am tomorrow, since we got married in the afternoon half a world away from here), just after gettin' hitched on La'ie Point on the beautiful island of O'hau. What a happy day that was for us!

So here's to the amazing past year that we've so immensely enjoyed on this exciting adventure in France, here's to spending that time with my best friend in the world, and here's to many more adventure-filled years to come!


  1. What a sweet post! Happy anniversary!

  2. How absolutely wonderful :) Congrats on your first year!!!

  3. I can't believe it's been a year either. I wish you many more adventures ahead (just not so far away, ok?) Love you both so much!!

  4. Amazing first year of marriage. We are proud of your adventurous spirit and hope it continues for many more years together. You can travel far away, as long as we can come visit. Love from both your parents on Ikes Rd (that's to differentiate us from the other set, a few roads over.)