Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Comeback Kid

 After my last garden related post, my dad made a quick call suggesting that perhaps (even though I had already dumped a ton of lime on the soil) that the soil was perhaps still too acidic. His pH meter, on loan, was placed in the mail the next day. 

And in the meantime, I took the suggestion of one commenter and threw on as much nutrition as possible in the forms of fish emulsion, epsom salts, and an organic, all-around fertilizer.

A few days later, the pH meter arrived confirming a very, very low pH reading, something like a pH of 3-4. So, more lime was unceremoneoulsy dumped on the garden. 

At that point, I wasn't counting on any plants surviving let along giving us any produce.

And while I have certainly lost a few plants, on the whole, the garden seems to be turning around. 

And keep in mind that these photos were taken last week and each of these plants have probably grown by 50-100% since then.

 One lost tomato plant on the left but a thriving basil on the right

 A few tomatoes truly taking over their cages

 Vibrant habenero plant

 A suddenly thriving eggplant, baby eggplants and all

 One humongous zucchini plant and one struggling zucchini plant

 These cukes now fill out that back fence

 I hope our St. Louis friends love canteloupe because they will probably be coming out of our ears


 A cuke and an invader

 But seriously, does anyone know what to do about an ant invasion? They are killing this zucchini plant.

 The beans are finally taking off

 And the herb garden is really filled out, although that was never really an issue

 Mint and dill (and catnip, until I hacked it down last week) are taking over the world, or the herb garden

German chamomile, another victim to the ant invasion

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  1. wow, i didn't know that ants invaded gardens. I will ask you dad if he knows. Otherwise it's looks great considering a few early obstacles.