Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pay Attention to MEEE!

Though not as jealous as my parents' gorden setter, Malena, Frieda sure does love attention. And she'll happily take said attention from anyone. 


 Nora, a friend's bassett who loved to push Frieda around with her nose

 Grandpa Reindl (maybe she gets the attention seeking from Michael, as he is loving some back-scratching attention from his mom in this moment)

 Grandma Reindl

 Michael, again


 And every member of the band 6-person band/film crew that spent a whole 24 hrs with us a few weeks ago. In this picture she is seducing Phoebe and Dan.

 And Aviv


 Dan, again


 And of course, Pep

But she always comes back to Michael

Frieda took her first trip to the dog park today and had lots and lots of other dogs paying attention to her. I'll try to remember to snap some photos of the doggie-cuteness next time we go. 

As a side note, as you may tell form the blurry photos, I am pretty adamantly an anti-flash photographer. I apologize, but not really because I'm not changing my ways.


  1. Love this series! Fully intend to bond with her as soon as possible.

  2. Cute. so who was the six person band/film crew that stayed with you?