Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bright Baby Knits

If I wanted to count how many pregnant friends and family members I know, I may just have to move past my fingers and count on my toes as well. Most of the projects have been small, quick gratification projects like these sweet little bibs and bunnies:

 Unfortunately I didn't realize that this picture was so terrible before packing some of them up and shipping them off to 2 of the 10 million babies that are soon to come.

 On a side note: you can see that Pep isn't particularly helpful when I when I want to knit.

But back to the point: my favorite recent knit was this Tri-Terra Cardigan that I did as a test knit for my friend Cosy. It was sized for a 6 month old but I messed up a bit on my measurements and it turned out a bit bigger. I am still in love with it though, especially the colors.

 I loved the pattern and was so happy that I was able to use some of Cosy's own Rainbow Chard hand-dyed yarn.

 The buttons were another great find and my new favorite St Louis store, Knitorious.

 This was also my first time knitting a sweater from the bottom-up. I was mildly terrified and had avoided anything but top-down like the plague but after finishing this super easy pattern, I can't figure out where my fear came from. 

You can see a couple of Cosy's other adorable baby sweaters that I did as a test knit for her last fall in this blog post. Sadly, those earlier sweaters never made from France to their recipients in Alaska so it is needless to say that whoever receives this sweater get it by hand-delivery.

P.S. For those of you who knit, this pattern is raveled here and will be linked to Cosy's pattern as soon as she posts it within the next few days.


  1. Everything is adorable. Love the colors we picked out for the sweater.

  2. Thanks Mom, and didn't those colors we mulled over forever turn out great!

  3. so sweet. etsy called, they're ready for you!