Friday, April 29, 2011

He's Gigantic!

 At least to us he seems gigantic. We've had Pepin for a month and a half now and in that time he has gone from just over 2lb. to a whopping 4.5lb. It's hard to tell he's bigger when he curls up, but if he stretches out, you can tell how much he's grown. 

In some ways, he is a very strange kitty:

He insists on being at least at eye level with the counter when we are cooking in the kitchen, even if that means sitting on our shoulders or in this case, tucked into the hood of my sweatshirt. 
Please ignore the 6:30am version of me in the picture.

He sometimes sleeps at my feet, similar to a dog.

And if you look at Lolcats at all, you'll know what I mean when I say that he vastly prefers to be held "monorail cat" style.

In many ways though, Pep is most certainly a cat:

Upon receiving some cosymakes yarn in the mail, he proceeded to make it absolutely impossible for me to get any knitting accomplished.

He's found his way up on to the mantel, using our bottle of used corks as his own personal toy dispenser and putting our "fine crystal" (haha!) in danger. We've since remedied the problem by both installing a deterrent (double-sided tape) and getting rid of his way up (a.k.a. our TV that he would jump from is now dead, and will be replaced next week with a flat screen that he hopefully can't balance on to use as a jumping-off point).

Pep has also taken to attacking my houseplants. You can barely see it in this picture but he had already taken a chomp out of the bottom right leaf (the plant has since been moved to higher ground). And fittingly, this reminds me of a little ceramic cat that my grandma has hanging off of the side of one of her houseplants.

Pep also loves to play, mostly by attacking our arms. Thankfully he is quite gentle, never using his claws but we are occasionally bitten a bit too hard.

And he talks and complains almost constantly. Especially with a Siamese cat, you can never, ever do anything right. *sigh*