Thursday, March 31, 2011

...this is becoming a cat blog

But I promise that it won't last forever, at least not in a regular capacity. At this point though, he is still exploring, making mistakes....really hilarious mistakes.

Case in point: getting caught up in the shower curtain and falling in the tub while I'm taking a bath.

He does love yarn as much as I do. Thanks kitty Aunt Laura for this great unintentional toy!

Pepin cerainly has the regal Siamese look down.

"Just let me sleep woman!"

I had forgotten how fun (not!) it is to have a cat as a knitter.

I know dogs love to chase their tales but a cat with the same obsession?

Kitty Grandma Reindl, the cat whisperer.

The box that our housewarming gift from Tom and Ginny (a new Weber grill!) came in turned out to be the best cat toy ever!

Blogging and napping, this is the perfect picture of our afternoons lately.


  1. i've recently became a fan of cool cats. love love love siamese kitties :)


  2. He's so cute! I'm reading a book right now about the French culinary world and have learned about your little kitty's namesake. Hope yall are doing well!

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