Tuesday, March 15, 2011

His name is Pepin

He is a bluepoint Siamese kitten.

For those of you unfamiliar with cat colors, bluepoint means that his points (ears, nose, feet, tail) will be gray when he is older.

He came home with us last Thursday and took a lot of coaxing to get him out of his carrier.

We decided on a Siamese kitten because while no cats are hypoallergenic (with the exception of some special genetically modified breed that probably costs $200,000), Siamese are generally less aggravating to those with allergies, Michael included.

 After he finally came out of the carrier he took up a new hiding place under the dresser. Finally, after four days with us, he is no longer running and hiding under there whenever he hears the slightest noise.

We finally coaxed him up on to the bed that night and he conked out immediately.

He is feisty.

He is incapable of eating out of his dish without spilling food everywhere. (By the way, we didn't buy him a cut glass dish, I think my Mom gave it to me at some point. Hope you're not offended, Mom.)

As with all cats, he can sleep anywhere.

After we let him out into the rest of the house he acquired a new scary noise hiding place.

He is dangerously cute.

He loves to sleep just behind our heads on the couch back.

He didn't like his scratching post at first because the fabric poked him in the face but he is coming around to it.

When he wakes up he is crazy playful.

He is already aware of his standing as king, which is fitting because he was partially named after the first King of the Franks, Pépin le Bref, a.k.a Pépin the short. He was also named after the famous French chef, Jaques Pepin.

He also loves to sleep wedged into any small space.

There you go, you've been introduced.

I'll try not to become a crazy cat lady, posting about her adorable kitty on a daily basis but no promises while he's still so little.


  1. OH MY GOSH he's so cute!! I can hardly stand it!

  2. he is definitely a cutie..and nicely named too. can't wait to see him the first of april...