Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Indestructable Camera

Margherita and Eleonora  (the girls I teach English to) have been gone now for quite a few weeks, back to their house in Italy for the summer vacation. I miss them. I miss having fun with some little girls a couple of times a week and I miss having a "job".

A month ago, however, I was singing a different tune. As is the case with any school aged kid (I experienced it from 5-17), that month before summer vacation is torture! This is even more true for students in France who are stuck in their hot and sticky classrooms until the beginning of July. I think it's  safe to say that nothing of any worth is accomplished in those last few weeks before freedom sets in. This rule applies both to school work and to English lessons alike.

That last month of English lessons were spent taking lots of trips to the Jardin Botanique

Painting lots of fingernails and toenails

And passing over my indestructible camera so they could take silly pictures of themselves and their things
This is Eleonora

And one of her many prized possessions.

And this is Margherita

 And this is her prized possession.

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