Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Where We've Been

I have no idea how long it's been since I last posted a general update here and really, there's no better time than now! And besides that, I just want to fill you all in on just what's been keeping us busy since our road trip to the south. I'll give you a little hint: it involves lots of food.

First on the menu was this yummy treat, wild asparagus. Well, they're not really asparagus, it's some form of grass. Really yummy grass!

This was Michael's bachelor meal, currywurst, which I know I've mentioned on the site before but can't seem to find (perhaps this is a hint that I need to start tagging my posts). If you have no clue what currywurst is, you can read all about it here. Anyway, Michael had to eat a bachelor meal a few weeks back when some girl friends and I went downtown to a great little place called La Vintage (which I mentioned in my last post, A Fellow Wellsborian). It was a great night full of giggles and stories (there were two Americans, one Brit and one French girl in attendance) and come-ons by the barkeep. He could certainly say "You are very beautiful" in English. Go Figure.

 We enjoyed yet another beautiful sunset over the lake. Sorry if y'all are sick of sunset pictures. I will never be, so you must deal.

 We've worked on our artichoke cooking skills and let me say, for the record, we're getting pretty darn good at it. 

 Then we enjoyed said artichoke with some amazing Lamb Persilliade...

...and these buttery steamed new potatoes. Talk about terroir! Boy, could we taste the soil in these babies.

And for a random lunch I turned these--

--into this creamy and tasty soup. Recipe to come soon if anyone is interested.

We had the pleasure, at some point (don't mind me, my concept of time passage is completely out-of-whack), of taking part in a Champagne reception/dinner with lots of Georgia Tech (and otherwise) big-wigs to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Georgia Tech Lorraine.

That's Vinod in the center...he decided to be a creeper and go around getting pictures taken with all the couples. Here he is with Leah and Kyle (hope you don't mind the link, Leah)...

...and with Rocky and Maria (things started to get silly at this point)...

...and again with Jingfei and Sara. who are not a "couple", but you get the idea. This photo also reveals the source of the bunny ears. 

The next day we got to take part in another 20th Anniversary perk: the undergraduate field trip to the Hackenburg Military Fortress

And the St. Avold American Military cemetery (both of which will be awarded their own blog post in the near future).

That is all...for now.

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