Thursday, April 8, 2010


10 things (not people, I would need far more than 10 spaces) I miss dearly:

1.  my Saab (not that I should complain, Lune Rousse is a champ!)
2. cream cheese
3. bagels
4. being able to find crochet/knitting hooks/needles in any size
5. Stony Fork Store bacon
6. a yard
7. a big kitchen with a 4-burner stove and all of our kitchen...stuff
8. my sewing machine
9. a full-sized bathtub
10. our bed

10 totally awesome reasons I love living in France:

1. cheese, cheese everywhere! and much of it raw milk cheese
2. cheap duck meat (comparitively)
3. wine.
4. the fabulous kids I teach English to (I've just added to more little boys!)
5. all of our friends here at GTL
6. good bread everywhere
7. the ability to safely walk and bike everywhere
8. Méli-Mélodie, the choir I've joined
9. beautiful, cheap produce
10. a huge selection of yarn from the thrift store for €1 per 100g

By the way, neither list was made in any particular order and since I just threw this out there I am sure I am missing a lot. Oh, and the idea for this particular post came from my friend Alyssa.


  1. Isn't that Stony Fork Store bacon the best?? We always have a huge slab in the fridge ;-)

  2. It is absolutely one of my favorite things on this earth. When we lived in Pittsburgh, Dad always made sure to re-stock me on our visits home.

  3. The bacon might survive the flight to Metz!