Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming Soon, to a blog near you: Mangé à Notre Maison

Since all I seem to do according to this blog is shop, cook and eat, I though that it would only be right if I started to share some of our culinary adventures. I have been meaning to post recipes for quite some time now but despite appearances, I rarely get pictures of meals in the process and I would feel guilty posting recipes without corresponding pictures. And to be perfectly honest, a good majority of our recipes come from (a wonderful mash-up of Bon Appetite and Gourmet magazines' recipes) so I never felt right about posting them to my page. So, as a way to ease my mind on this subject I've decided that I will try to post links to the corresponding Epicurious (or other) website whenever I can and post any authentic, tried and tested Chez Reindl cuisine here on the blog.

This segment of Metzing Around will be entitled "Mangé à Notre Maison" (eaten at our house) so you can get a feel for what we are eating 1/4 (or for some, 1/2) way across the world. I plan to start tomorrow, as noted earlier, with a favorite sandwich of ours, Pan Bagnat and will post whenever something good comes up. If any of you happen to remember a particular past meal that you would like directions on, please comment and let your wishes be known!

À demain!

P.S. I am no chef (unless you are talking pastry, and even then I'm pretty rusty) and claim no expertise.

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