Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Color coordination

No, this is not a style post. 

Coming from a colorful household, I never understood just how overwhelming it would be to choose a color pallet for an entirely white house.

I went through our choice of the chartreuse walls in the kitchen a few posts ago but essentially, we wanted a light and bright kitchen. There is a lot of stainless steel going on in that room so we didn't want it to look too "industrial".

The dining room was next and because of our very bright and eclectic dining room furniture (orange and french blue) we wanted to go with a neutral-ish color. We ended up going with Sherwin-Williams brand in the "Pewter Tempest" color. I love the medium tone grey because it is just dark enough to not feel bland but not so dark that you feel closed in and it has a slight warmness to it that goes with the wood molding nicely. 

In the living room we went for this, admittedly, dark indigo blue color. Michael has a thing for old, dark Victorian houses and since the mantle offers so much dark woodwork we decided to make it the theme of the room. The color is another Sherwin-Williams color (we will soon become their best clients...thankfully they are less than a block away) Indigo Batik.

The living room is also a good size so we weren't too concerned with the dark color making it feel cramped. 

We had to try hard to coordinate the colors since there really aren't hallways or "neutral" spaces between the room to act as a color buffer but I like the coordination of the three cooler colors. 

The next project will be painting molding in for the kitchen then we start our painting move upstairs with the entryway/stairway/upstairs hallway (this will probably be a lighter neutral, perhaps a lighter shade of the Pewter Tempest) then on to our bedroom where we are aiming for a plum or eggplant purple.


  1. Love the colors...may steal some for our new house. Or maybe we should just go with all white!

    1. You'd better not leave it white unless you make everything else crazy colorful. The Pewter Tempest is my new favorite color ever though. I totally think you should use it!

    2. I love the kitchen color. The first pictures of it looked like...not chartreuse. Susan