Friday, March 2, 2012

Vegetarian Yum: Super Slaw

I mentioned in my last post that Michael and I have decided that -- in an attempt to get back to our more veggie-focused diet from our time in Metz -- we will be eating (mostly) vegetarian for the near future. 

Over the years we have accumulated quite the collection of favorite recipes and I'd like to spotlight a few. Even though most of you, my dear readers, are not vegetarian, many of these recipes would be great as BBQ side-dishes, lunches, or Friday night dinners (for those Catholics in the audience). 

*Side note: this is also a great chance for me to play around with the settings on our fun, new DSLR!

My current obsession is more of a side-dish:

It's Super Slaw (I don't get the name either) from one of my favorite recipe websites, Epicurious. Super slaw has been my go-to lunch along with a big glass of milk the past few days. 

I spent a long time searching for this particular Asian-inspired peanut dressing recipe and even then, I have to make a few alterations: I usually use just a splash more vinegar than the recipe calls for and if I have some on hand, I tend to add in a bit of finely-minced jalapeƱo pepper. 

I throw in whatever raw veggies on hand (today I happened to have some Chinese cabbage as opposed to the red and green called for) and next week I'm hoping to make it up to the Asian market for some fresh egg noodles for a cold past and cabbage slaw. 

Really, this dressing is to die for. 


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