Monday, October 3, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding

It seems like we've moved over to a every 2 or 3 week schedule over here at Metzing Around. Honestly though, until my work schedule is a bit less crazy and exhausting and until I get finished with the last of my wedding cakes for the year, this posting schedule will probably stand. 

On the subject of weddings though, almost a month ago (You've been married nearly a month, A!), Michael and I made our way across Illinois and Indiana and almost through Ohio to Cleveland for my best friend's wedding. 

It was a insanely fun wedding weekend and we were sad to leave on Sunday morning. 

Long story short though: we drove, with a cake, 10+hrs, I finished the cake in 100% humidity (which does NOT make rolled fondant happy), there was a beautiful, sunny wedding (despite a morning or pouring rain), we partied, we ate cake, we partied some more, we collapsed into bed, we drove home. 

And here a a few favorite pictures from the trip.

 Pep was certainly not happy about the packing

 The lovebirds themselves in this utterly creepy underwater shot

 The self-proclaimed Sex In the City girls and my new friends

 The gorgeous bride

 Their excellent photographer blocking my view

 The final product

The Adrienne look

Oh, and Adrienne and Shannon gave us the best "Thanks for making our wedding cake" present EVER!


 Only Adrienne would seek out a 1964 French Guide Michelin for us.

Although it did make us a bit "home"sick.

I hope this post will last everyone a bit. I am sure I'll be back to my regular, err...more regular posting schedule at some point soon. For now though, I'll let this and some other Photos from the wedding keep you satisfied.

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