Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packing, Cleaning and Stripping

Stripping furniture, that is.

I'm sorry for the long lag between blog posts at the present. As you all can imagine, our time home has been filled to the brim. We've been cleaning decades of clutter out of my parents hell-hole of an attic. We've been throwing more and more things on our pile to be moved to Saint Louis (I am SO thankful that Michael's job is paying for movers to deal with the mess!). And we've been attempting to clean up and refinish a few dining chairs and a coffee table so that we might have some semblance of a functional home once we finally move in. All of this, coupled with lots of wonderful times and meals with family has left me with very little time to edit pictures or write.

I do plan to continue with blogging once we are settled in Saint Louis. (Did I ever think to mention on here that Michael got a job in Saint Louis? Well in case that slipped my mind, he did and we will be hitting the road this Friday.) The content will obviously be changing, shifting from European travel and adventure to travel and adventure in our new city and state. I am also hoping to work on adding some more of my own recipes now that we will have, I hope, a larger kitchen space to work with.

The blog will need a name change, and I am taking suggestions. So far the ideas are leaning towards "No More Metzing Around"....keeping with the play on Metz. If you have any ideas, please feel free to shout them out in a comment on this post or as a facebook comment.

So, here is the plan: We'll be frantic these last few days packing. On Friday we will set off for Saint Louis, making a pit-stop to visit family along the way in Cincinnati and arriving at our hotel on Saturday. Sunday we'll hit up Trader Joe's (yay!) for Super Bowl snacks which will be enjoyed while watching the game in the hotel. On Monday the apartment search truly begins and hopefully, we'll find something soon, which will mean a return to blogging on a regular basis.

In the meantime, stay tuned.


  1. Go Lauren, Go! Happy Travels. And I hope your apt search yields a fantastic kitchen space.

  2. hilarious about the stripping, because i planned on posting a joke about it. can't WAIT to see how things go for you & what part of st. louis you settle in. we'll be thinking of you lots!

  3. Best of luck in the move. Can't wait to read your new blog - you always have such interesting twists on things.