Saturday, August 14, 2010

En Vacances

I am happy to report that our meal on our one year France-iversary was by far better than the terrible (and crunchy) tuna sandwiches we endured that first day over a year ago.

Of course, we started off the day off right regardless of the food with two packages in the office.

 The first package was from my mom. And no, I don't need the cosmo girl or glamour mags but I though they would be a good way to engage my 16 year old female English pupil. The book and the tums were for me though. Thanks mommy!

The second was a package of this gorgeous hand-dyed wool made by my old Pittsburgh friend Cosy. This yarn is (an some hand-spun that she will be sending soon) will be made into 3 sweaters as soon as I can get my hands on some #8 circular needles. It's so soft and squishy, I love it!

Now on to the food!

We started off the meal with a bit of Pineau

 Then we took some silly one year pictures

 We enjoyed our Pineau with some melon, mint and jambon cru (cured ham, a new obsession)

 And for dinner we had this amazing salmon and lentils with mustard herb butter (Amazing!)

Truth be told though, this has been more of a week-long celebration for both a year in France and the end of the summer semester for Michael (we finished on Tuesday).  So for 3 or 4 days this past week we sampled as many lambic beers as we could find starting with the Lindemans brand.

 Faro is essentially a sugar lambic


 Pecheresse = Peach,  Casiss = Black Current, Kriek = Cherry

We also had Lindemans framboise (raspberry, which has been named the #1 fruit lambic in the world) and the Mort Subite (Sudden Death) brand's Kriek and Geuze.

 On Thursday night we had Sarah and Fran over for a fabulous night of eating including our first Pintade (Guinea hen) au Champagne (with champagne sauce). Despite the horrible racket guinea hens make when alive, they sure make yummy meat! On another note, I am going to miss these girls!

And yesterday I got in fights both with my oven and my cook top (pictured above). Perhaps I wasn't meant to cook (or bake for that matter).

Oh, and at some point in the last week we found a new favorite recipe for pork carnitas. Yum! Whoever thought to put milk in with the slow cooking pork was a genius I tell you!

Tomorrow morning we will be setting off on yet another french road trip, this time to the Normandy. I know, we're spoiled living over here, but who knows when we'll be back, we have to make the most of it. We've actually planned this trip out more than others (meaning we have our beds booked before leaving) and it's looking like the general plan will include Rouen (to get a cathedral picture and see the beautiful city), the Calvados region (an apple liquor), Caen, Mont Saint Michel, Dinan, and Saint Malo. Essentially, we're hoping to see lots of the English Channel and drink lots of calvados and apple cider.

A Bientôt Mes Amies!

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