Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Thanks

Despite being away from our families this holiday season (until the Reindls come at Christmas) were were still able to have a lovely Thanksgiving day celebration with our Georgia Tech Lorraine family. Somewhere around 80 people showed up; there were professors, PhD students, masters and undergrad students. We had some French students that came and quite a few brought along their families.

Everyone brought along a dish and we managed to have most of the Thanksgiving essentials covered along with some amazing Indian food and French cuisine thrown in. There were almost as many dessert dishes as there were main course dishes. Michael is pictured on the left with our dessert plate. After an explanation of the Thanksgiving tradition and eating all of that wonderful food, the student government hosted a talent show. Our upstairs friend Kyle played his banjo and sang with another guitar-playing student Peter; their duo ended up winning the talent show prize. There was also a couple of French guys who sang, a guy with a yo-yo type acrobatic...thing and a Chinese man who sang and played the guitar. After the talent competition they set up a karaoke machine but soon after the first person got up to sing hysteria ensued when bare chested women showed up on the projector screen. As it turns out, the karaoke machine that the student government rented had a whole catalog of playboy songs which were definitely not meant for family fun. Obviously it wasn't a preferred outcome of the Thanksgiving dinner but in all honesty, we are in France where bare chested women are a normal occurrence on prime time TV and roadside billboards.

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