Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Update

We will hopefully be hopping on a train tomorrow morning, stopping off in Brussles, Belgium, then hopping back on a train to our final weekend destination of Brugge, Begium where we plan to see some beautiful gothic architecture, eat mussles and chocolate! I've been meaning to post a few pics from the past few weeks updating you on our mission: Mastering the Art of French Cooking on One Burner.
Here is a composed salad similar to one we had at a friend's house in Metz, but with a few additions. I used leafy greens, carrots, bacon pieces, carrot, cauliflower, capers, ementhaler cheese, lemon vinagerette and a fried egg on top...yummy!

This is another version of Chicken Provençal, this time with buttered noodles on the side.

Last weekend, our friends, Jeremy and Janice (fellow GTL married couple), and their adorable daughter, Kimber, had us over for a delicious American meal. We had roasted chicken, green beans, carrots, rolls, and mashed potatoes with gravy. The only French aspect of the meal was the Orangina that we drank throughout the meal and the multiple card games played after the meal. We had been planning to buy a tart pan soon (to make quiche) so for dessert, we made a fresh fruit tart with a vanilla and cardamom pastry cream. The tart shell turned out a little thicker than I had hoped, but all-in-all, I am still pretty confident in what I learned at school.

Speaking of kitchen purchases, I need to say thank you to my Grandma Baker for her lovely Birthday presents that she (unknowingly) bought for me. We decided on Saturday to use the Birthday money she gave towards buying a couple of things we had been eyeing up for the kitchen. The first purchase was a mortal and pestle to use for grinding up the immense amount of cardamom we recently acquired, along with other spices. We have a nice granite one packed up at one of the houses, but that would have been ridiculous to bring.
The second purchase was an immersion blender to be used for making crêpe batter, smoothies, marinara sauce, and blended soups, like this one:
Made out of these:
Potato Leek soup, quite possibly the cheapest, easiest soups to make (and you don't really need an immersion blender) and has now become one of my favorites.

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